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Who is Diamond Gold Grillz? For the longest time I was known as Dr Krunk lol but it was so much stress running a company that was capped. So I decided to build my own vision of what I wanted my life to be like. So here it is, I've been making grillz for over 10 years but I've been in the diamond and jewelry industry for 12+ years. At the peak of gold spiking to $1900 a troy ounce, I owned and managed 2 pawn shops, and founded an online business named and lived like a Rockstar. My interests since have changed and I'm enjoying this balance of business, family and friends. Helping others make their visions come to life and watching them wear my pieces and smile has been very rewarding for me. So I'm now offering wholesale manufacturing, diamond sourcing, melee sales and purchasing, necklace, chain sales, product development and production management, lets break some bread together. It's rare but every once in a while I do take in prodigies and teach them jewelry manufacturing but they really have to be passionate about it. Here's one of my prodigy's Proud of you Bro. My dad used to always tell me if you don't love what your doing change it or it will change you. RIP pops. So I'm a jeweler that likes to laugh and make people smile, but I'm also a real dude that will answer your phone call and any questions that you might have about diamonds, gold or custom work. I know how hard it is to make $ in this world and I respect everyones hustle. Call me anytime and lets talk about what Gold karat and color are right for you, what your diamond options are to meet any budget you may have large or small. The differences between SI, VS, VVS diamonds are very important but that’s just the beginning, color and cut are just as important. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about diamond gold grillz or custom pendants the better your informed as a consumer the better you will feel after making your purchase. If your reading this, follow me on IG or facebook dm me (#iread) and I'll take 10% off your first order. Thanks for your time ttys Diamond C
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    Customer Relations  Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm Saturday - appointment only
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    Diamond Gold Grillz will send an email notification of order with tracking information. Signature required upon delivery. 
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    All sales on custom manufactured products are final and non-refundable.Please see our Guarantee page for more information.
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    Our Goal is to make you SMILE! All of our Custom made Gold Grillz are Guaranteed to fit the mold that was shipped in for manufacturing. It's very important to send us a good and clean impression. Please contact us with any concerns about mold fittings. 
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