What Karat Gold is right for me?

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Throughout history there have been many metals that have been used to create jewelry but gold is the only metal that is yellow or "golden" in color. In it's purest form it is very bright, dense, and maliable, but too soft for jewelry that is worn on a daily basis. We start with this form of 24K gold and add alloys to it. By doing this we are altering the percentage of pure gold content to the desired karat and color of our customers choosing. We provide accurate karats and very rich color options. If you have any metal allergies please notify us  before ordering. With over 13 years of experience our jewelry speaks for itself, and we continue these practices throughout all of our locations nationwide. 


10K gold - 41% pure gold - Very durable great for jewelry but tarnishes and must be polished and cleaned if worn frequently. 

14K gold - 58% pure gold - The Industry standard for jewelry, very high luster and golden in color, must be cleaned occationally. 

18K gold - 75% pure gold - High end jewelry, very rich and bright yellow. Common with high quality Diamonds to avoid constant cleaning and prong deterioration. Requires little maintenance. 

22K gold- 91% pure gold- The best of the best, but very soft for daily jewelry, common in permanent dental applications. Very rich golden yellow with pinkish hues, requires little to no maintenance.

These options are available from  on most products. 

Gold Colors

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